ATO spokesman: Two Military Clashes Near Pisky-Vodyane and Novobakhmutivka


Kyiv, January 28, 2015 – “Starting 10:30pm-00:45am two military clashes took place nearby Pisky-Vodyane and Novobakhmutivka,” stated ATO spokesperson Leonid Matyukhin via Skype at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “The rebel groups [then] were rebuffed and retreated.”. In Debaltseve, Russian-backed militants attacked from the direction of the settlements of Kumshatskyi, Nelepivka, Mayorsk with mortar fire, БМ-21 Grad MLRS were employed twice in Debaltseve direction and once in Chernukhine direction.

After 06:00pm militants continued shelling Ukrainian troops dispositions and peaceful localities using different kinds of weapons. From Luhansk, militants repeatedly shelled Ukrainian positions in Shchastya, Stanytsya-Luhanska, Vilkhove, Sokolnyky, Tryokhizbenka, Krymske and Makarove using mortar launchers and artillery. Nyzhnyoteple was shelled using the БМ-21 Grad multiple launch rocket system.

Hranitne and Opytne as well as Pisky, Maryinka and Slavne were attacked by mortar fire and artillery from militant positions in Donetsk.. “In general, over twenty-four hours, gunmen shelled our troops’ positions 126 times,” stated the ATO spokesperson “The night in nearby Mariupol passed  peacefully”, – added Leonid Matyukhin.

In the past 24 hours combatants shelled 55 inhabited localities. “In the past 24 hours we lost 3 Ukrainian servicemen and another 15 were wounded”, stated the spokesman of the Geenral Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vladyslav Seleznyov.