Ukrainian Armed Forces: Ukrainians do not need any permits from military commission to cross the border


Kyiv, February 4, 2015 – Citizens of Ukraine are not required to have any permit documents from military commissions in order to travel across the country or cross the border. Major General Volodymyr Talalay, deputy head of the Main Defense and Mobilization Planning Administration at the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, told this during the press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “The Constitution of Ukraine states that every citizen has a right to travel across the country freely and with no restraints. The information about restrictions, which was spread recently, has not been accurate. We were talking about potential systematization of rules for crossing the border,” Major General Talalay explained.

Volodymyr Talalay clarified that those liable for military service have to inform a local military commission within 7 days if they were changing their place of residence. Similarly, internally displaced persons from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Crimea should provide information about their new place of residence and register with the military commission.

Major General Talalay also explained that partial military mobilization is legal even without the introduction of martial law. “Article 165 of the Constitution states that every citizen has to protect the territorial integrity of the state. Also the laws “On the military service” and “On the mobilization” clearly define when our citizens are liable to the military mobilization,” Mr. Volodymyr Talalay said.

More than 95% of the people that were supposed to be enlisted in the course of the fourth wave of military mobilization have received invitation to military commissions. Major General Talalay said that 3,500 volunteers asked to join the Army. “There are experienced military professionals and complete novices among them. All of them will go through the military training for 45 days after which they will depart to eastern Ukraine,” Major General Talalay said.

Volodymyr Talalay empasized that Ukrainian troops will be awarded for destroying enemy’s military equipment. “Soldiers will get 121,000 UAH for taking down enemy’s airplane, 60,000 UAH award for every missile system, 48,000 UAH for a tank and 42,000 UAH for IFVs,” Major General Talalay concluded.