Оливье Ведрин: Пропутинские силы во Франции действуют против принципов демократии и прав человека


Kyiv, March 13, 2015. “War in the East of Ukraine underline that the Ukrainian revolution was a choice to live in another system. The conflict in the Donbass is the proof that Putin has understood that he could not let Ukraine go easily», stated  Olivier Védrine, European expert, co-founder of the Continental University Business School at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University in Kyiv, author of “The Ideas for United Europe”,  during the press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Europe has to prove its solidarity with Ukraine, – Mr Védrine added. This is a war between two systems, between the system of the European Union based on Democracy, Human Rights, Press Freedom against a system based on authoritarism and corruption and soviet way of thinking.

«I want to underline that the pro-Putin forces are against Russia and against the Russian people. To be for Putin is to be for an underdeveloped Russia with bad transports, bad roads, bad universities, old and inefficient hospitals, to be for Putin is to be for a Russia with corruption, prostitution, alcoholism, violence, to be for Putin is to think that the Russian people can only live like slaves under a authoritarian regime», – the expert said.

Védrine emphasized that in France a large part of the citizens are in favor of Ukraine, but the extreme right and extreme left political parties are more pro-Putin. They are against the European Union; they think that Putin is the chance for Europe, the strong leader they are waiting for. In those political groups the propaganda of Putin is very efficient and strong.

Pro-Ukrainian position has to reinforce its presence in French media and social networks. «We have to communicate on the facts and only on the facts, we have to present, explain and defends our values», Védrine added.