Андрій Лисенко: Затримано підозрюваного у вбивстві офіцера СБУ


Kyiv, March 27, 2015. Ukraine’s security services have detained Denys Gordeyev suspected in of killing the SBU Captain Viktor Mandzyk on March 21 in Volnovakha, Donetsk region. Col. Lysenko, ATO spokesperson, has made the news public during the press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “Gordeyev was planning to leave the country, yet he got arrested by our operatives. They seized a pistol and ammunition rounds from him,” Andriy Lysenko said.

Ukrainian counter-intelligence detained one more suspect in the murder of a policeman from the Sokil police unit on February 23. Col. Lysenko quoted the SBU report that the suspect is Mykola Grynenko who was part of the pro-Russian subversive group that organized terrorist acts in Mariupol. “The suspect committed suicide when he realized that he was trapped,” the ATO spokesperson added.

No cases of artillery use and that of armored vehicles has been recorded over the last day. However, the militants fired from mortars, grenade launchers and small arms to attack the Ukrainian military positions along the contact line except for the eastern parts of the Luhansk region. Ukrainian servicemen also spotted seven enemy UAVs near Mariupol.

Ukrainian Armed Forces did not suffer any lethal casualties in the last 24 hours; one serviceman got wounded.

Andriy Lysenko said that Russian proxies impeded the work of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine. An armed individual with a Cossack commander approached the monitors close to Perevalsk, Luhansk region, aggressively demanding to leave the area. Also an armed individual on the “LPR”-held territory of Stanytsia Luhanska raised his AK47 rifle and aimed at SMM patrol members. Furthermore, following the long talks and two refusals from the militants to monitor concentration sites where they store heavy weapons, the observers had finally accesses to one of the three buildings with arms. The other two buildings locked.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian counter-intelligence detained two recruiters of the so-called “LPR”. Also, a turncoat policeman who helped pro-Russian militants and plotted a series of crimes in Mariupol was detained as well.

The operatives took four policemen in custody for illegal arms trading in Dnipropetrovsk They were caught when trying to sell 400 rounds for Makarov pistol, two boxes of rounds and F-1 grenades. Ukrainian law enforcers found two more arsenals with ammunition near Zaytseve village, Donetsk region and Kramatorsk. These contained two RPG-18 anti-tank grenades, six RGD-5 grenades and rounds to AK-74.