Congressman Mac Thornberry: Both Houses support providing Ukraine with lethal weapons


Kyiv, March 31, 2015. There is a bipartisan support in both Houses of Congress for providing Ukraine with the means to defend its sovereignty, including lethal weapons. Congressman Mac Thornberry has made this statement during the press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center during the visit of the U.S. Congress delegation to Ukraine. “The overwhelming majority voted in favor of giving military assistance, which was reflected in the resolution from March 23,” Mr. Thornberry noted.

Mac Thornberry has highlighted that there is nothing more important than the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Thus he dismissed allegations that the United States government abstained from arming Ukraine because of the other conflicts in the world, such as the war in Yemen. “Russian aggression threatens the stability of countries not only in Europe, but throughout the world. This is the most significant threat to peace and stability since the end of World War Two,” Congressman said.

Mr. Thornberry told that he has met with the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, as well as the Minister of Defence and Head of Ukraine’s Security Service during the visit. “We are getting updates about the situation in the east in order to find the right match for a further cooperation between our countries. For instance, the United States could deliver secure means of communications to the Ukrainian military. Ukraine and USA are partners, resisting together a common aggression,” Congressman noted.

Congressman Thornberry also answered whether there is a “red line” that may convince the U.S. authorities to supply lethal weapons if Russia crosses it. “Russia crossed the red line when it invaded Ukraine; when it occupied Crimea and continued to send tanks and Russian military personnel into eastern Ukraine. The “red line” has already been crossed”, he said.

Mac Thornberry, as well as Congressmen Mike Rogers (Rep.), Tom MacArthur (Rep.), Steve Knight (Rep.) and Seth Moulton (D.) are currently on tour throughout Eastern European countries. They have visited Ukraine and Romania and are heading to the Baltic States and Poland. The main topics of their visits are issues of cooperation between these countries and the United States, as well as strengthening the security of the region.