Maidan Self Defense Reformatting its Structure

Kyiv, May 6th, 2014 – Andriy Tiron, battalion commander of the National Guard, said during a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center: “Because of Russian aggression Maidan Self Defense is reformatting its activities. Now Self Defense units will act in the format of regular government departments and reserve battalions of volunteers”.

According to the Order №2 of the leader of the Self-Defense Andriy Parubiy, starting today hundreds of Self Defense members are joining the National Guard and territorial defense battalions in the Armed Forces and special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Also, Mr. Tiron said: “The second reserve battalion of the National Guard is formed based on the Maidan Self Defense, the backbone of which consists of centurions and foremen, who were on the barricades since the early days the Maidan. Self Defense militia from all over Ukraine are rallying around these people, who combine experience and patriotism”.

Taras Borodach, territorial defense battalion commander of the Armed Forces, said: “Territorial defense battalions are created locally in case of direct military aggression and the emergence of unidentified armed groups. Our task is to prepare out personnel to protect the territory of Ukraine”.

“The first battalion will be deployed in the areas where the possibility of threat to people is high. This battalion is already formed on the basis of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As of today it is in Odessa to prevent possible provocations. The next battalions will be protecting government district, patrol the city of Kyiv, but, if necessary, can relocate”, the representative of the special forces of public order of the Ministry Sergiy Podgornyi said.

Under this Order by Andriy Parubiy, all local structures are to reformat their activities and sign up before the Central Headquarters. The contact tel. No. is +38 067 446-56-43 . Anyone who fails to comply with the order within 10 days, has no relation to the Maidan Self Defense.


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