Artem Sytnyk: Supervisory Civic Council under the Anti-Corruption Bureau to be formed quickly and openly

Kyiv, May 18, 2015. Supervisory Civic Council under the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine will be formed quickly and in a maximum transparent way involving NGOs and civic activists, stated Artem Sytnyk, Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

“Our current task is to announce the competition to form the Supervisory Civic Council and elect three representatives of it, create a competition commission and start working,” Artem Sytnyk said.

 Representatives of anti-corruption watchdogs and NGOs can take part in the competition. Member of the Supervisory Civil Council is required to have at least a degree in law and two years of legal experience.

Those who want to apply have to submit a reference letter from the NGO Board a candidate works with, copy of the organization’s statute, organization’s registration document, candidate’s application letter and ID, CV, income declaration, motivation letter, contact details (including the phone number and e-mail address) and his/her consent to conduct respective verification procedures.

Deadline for submission is 9:00, May 23.

Applications should be sent on the e-mail address [email protected]. Internet voting will take place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on May 26, which will define members of the Supervisory Civil Council.

Artem Sytnyk presented his new deputy Anatoliy Novak. “Mr. Novak is capable to form an operative unit quickly within the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, which would comply with the newest international standards. He also actively participates in the selection process of the anti-corruption bureau personnel,” Sytnyk said.