CEDOS: Lviv Polytechnic is Ukraine’s most transparent university


Kyiv, May 20, 2015. CEDOS research center named the National Lviv Polytechnic University as Ukraine’s most transparent university. The forerunners are Vasyl Karazin Kharkiv National University and Ivan Pulyuy Ternopil National Technical University respectively. Yehor Stadny, education expert of CEDOS analytical center, presented the results of research at the press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Experts surveyed 96 higher education institutions where over 800,000 students are currently enrolled. Those universities subordinated to law enforcement agencies as well as those relocated from temporary occupied territories in the East of Ukraine were not included in the ranking. Institutions were assessed on the four main criteria: finance, administration, content of studies and strategic development plan. Overall, around 40 different aspects were considered.

Researchers argue that the most problematic aspects is a financial one. The Law “On Higher Education” binds higher education establishments to publicly disclose their budgets, cash flows and the list of staff on their web sites.

The experts also paid attention if the web sites contain information on public procurement, education costs and additional paid services. However, merely 1/10 of all universities had such information on their websites. “Our university administrations lack the understanding that they can use financial transparency to their benefit, particularly when applying for the money from international donors, benefactors and the money of their students,” Yehor Stadny noted.

Research concluded that university administrations are also prone to limiting access to information regarding education programs and development strategies. “The role of high school graduates in financing increased as a result of higher education reform. State funding will “follow” the student. Having such information on the university in public domain would help the graduate to make up his/her mind, while the university would get financing,” Mr. Stadny said.

He expressed hopes that university management will use the research to improve functioning of their universities. Currently CEDOS works on a list of recommendations for universities.

Detailed information on transparency ranking of Ukrainian universities is available here (in Ukrainian).