Schedule of press briefings in Ukraine crisis media center on Monday, May 12, 2014

Schedule of press briefings in UCMC

12:00 Andriy Magera, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine

13:00  Ulana Suprun, MD, Director of Humanitarian Initiatives, Ukrainian World Congress

Krystina Waler, Canada Ukraine Foundation

Artem Myrgorodsky, Chairman of the NGO “Initiative E+”

Nadia Golembievska, NGO “Ukrainian Association of Specialists in Overcoming the Consequences of Traumatic Events”

14:00 Vasyl Filipchuk, Chairman of the Board of The International Center for Policy Studies

The topic of the press briefing: “Post “referendums” – is there a chance for diplomacy?”

15:00 Press Briefing of the Representatives of the Battalion “Azov”, National Guard of Ukraine. Speakers:

Yaroslav Gonchar, Deputy Commander of the Battalion “Azov”

Mark Kursky, Soldier of Battalion “Azov”

Topic of the Press Briefing: “What Really Happened on May 9 in Mariupol?”