Ukrainian combat medics to be trained according the “Emergency War Surgery” handbook


Kyiv, June 8, 2015 – The American-Ukrainian Medical Foundation presented a new handbook of “Emergency War Surgery”. This textbook is an updated version of a well-known guidebook published by the Medical Department of the U.S. Army. The guide contains information regarding the up-to-dated principles of combat medical aid and ways to treat combat injuries. “The U.S. State Department has agreed to translate the book. “The manual is based on recent scientific research and experience of the U.S. Army gained in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq,” explained medic Borys Leheta, member of Board of Directors of the American-Ukrainian Medical Foundation at the press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The handbook contains 36 sections organized according to anatomic zones and types of combat injuries and contains information that can be immediately applied in combat settings. “The handbook is brief, concise, official, standardized and thematic. It is what our scientific and educational activities unfortunately lack,” noted Aide to the Defense Minister of Ukraine, Vsevolod Steblyuk. Every combat surgeon working on the frontline needs to have the “Emergency War Surgery” at hand.

The printed edition of the handbook has been passed to the agencies taking part in anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine for free, including the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, the National Guard, the Ministry for Internal Affairs, the Border Guard Service and the Ukrainian Security Service. According to the plan, healthcare facilities treating Ukrainian servicemen and medical education establishments will get the copies of the handbook. The new handbook will be utilized by medics trained before departing to the ATO zone and by the students of the Military Medical Academy.

E-version of the book is available for free download from web site of the American-Ukrainian Medical Foundation