Schedule of press briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for June 10, 2015

10-30 Topic: “Elections to the Agency for corruption prevention, negligence or forgery?”
Yehor Sobolev, MP from Samopomich party, Chairman of the anti-corruption parliamentary committee
Igor Shevchenko, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
Oleksiy Khmara, Executive director of Transparency International Ukraine, Reanimation Package of Reforms expert
Daria Kalenyuk, Executive director of “Anticorruption Action Center”, Reanimation Package of Reforms expert
Viktor Taran, Head of the Centre for political studies and analysis, Reanimation Package of Reforms expert

11-00 Topic: “Children of war: consequences of the military aggression in Ukraine. Research Presentation”
Oleg Zarubynskyy, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of extremism
Bogdan Petrenko, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Institute of extremism
Mykola Kuleba, Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights

11-30 Topic: “Peculiarities of military medicine: experience of the military doctors”
Taras Kuchma, Head of the Medical department at the Kulchytsky battalion

12-00 Topic: “New report “- project to support small businesses of IDPs”
Anatoly Zasoba, Director of the NGO “Crimean Diaspora”
Natalia Babenko, lawyer
Alina Kotenko, psychologist, organized activities for the IDPs

12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, Presidential Administration spokesperson on issues connected with ATO

13-15 Topic: “Corruption schemes in education system in the new government in Kiev”
Oleg Petrovets, member of the Kyiv City Council
Olena Halushka, member of the Kyiv City Council
Kyrylo Zhyvotovskyy, Head of the NGO “European choice”
Oksana Bychkova, expert on Education at NGO “Svidomi” [Conscious]

14-00 Topic: “How to ensure the independence of the Constitutional Court: experts proposals”
Volodymyr Shapoval, former head of the Central Election Commission
Serhiy Holovatyi, former Minister of Justice of Ukraine
Mykola Koziubra, former judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Reanimation Package of Reforms expert
Igor Koliushko, Senior expert at Reanimation Package of Reforms (Working group Constitutional), Head of the Center for Political and Legal Reforms
Julia Kyrychenko, Working group manager at the Reanimation Package of Reforms

16-00 Topic “The impact of the fire at oil depot in the suburbs of Kyiv for medical situation and state of health in the capital”
Mykhailo Radutskiy, Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration
Oleg Ruban, Chief State sanitary doctor of Kyiv