Russia-backed militants violate ceasefire 360 times in the last four days, target residential areas – ATO Staff spokesman



Kyiv, June 30, 2015. Russia-backed militants have violated the ceasefire regime 360 times, firing at the both Ukrainian military positions and at the civilian infrastructure over the last four days. “Most of ceasefire violations were registered on June 28 when militants instigated 101 armed incidents, using Grad multiple rocket launchers near Nyzhne, Luhansk region,” said ATO Staff spokesman Major Anton Myronovych at the press briefing via Skype at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Pro-Russian militants used 120-mm mortars most frequently, however, the increased use of tanks against peaceful towns has been noted as well. They have also fired incessantly from 122-mm and 152-mm artillery not far from Mariupol.

Two combat engagements between Ukrainian Armed Forces and Russian proxies took place over the last four days. Two militant groups, made of 4 and 15 respectively, attacked Ukrainian troops near Krymske and Novotoshkivske using small arms, grenade launchers and anti-tank missile systems.

On June 29, militants fired at the OSCE mission from mortars near Mariupol, trying to put the blame on the Ukrainian troops. “Ukrainian forces do not possess weapons with characteristics capable of striking at such a distance,” explained Major Myronovych.

Major Myronovych also addressed the rumors that the Ukrainian Army has allegedly left Mariupol: “The information is false. The news that caused a massive provocation was an incident when Joint Center for Coordination and Control observation point came under, hence the monitors had to change their location. I would like to address all media representatives to thoroughly check the information on ATO related issues especially the one that comes from suspicious sources.”