Searches for compromise cannot postpone the pace of reforms – Taras Kachka


Kyiv, June 30, 2015. Implementation of tax reform and discussions around decentralization demonstrate for consensus in terms of what instruments should be used, yet it also shows that changes are irreversible, said Taras Kachka, Head of Ukraine Reforms Communications Taskforce project, at the press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Taras Kachka addressed complaints of civic groups of entrepreneurs who have criticized the the introduction of VAT e-administration system and cash-register machines for the businessmen of the III group starting on July 1 2015.

Kachka noted that similar reaction was also observed in the EU member-states: “These reforms are examples of complex transformation that businesses found hard to accept in most of the EU member-states, particularly when it came to introduction of cash-register machines – we are part of this European trend. On the other hand, Ukrainian entrepreneurs are going to experience positive effects from bolstering tax discipline in the midterm perspective. Ukraine has to make this step to tackle tax fraud,” he said.

He emphasized that the Parliament has to make legal amendments to the rules of introducing cash-registering machines and VAT-accounts to streamline the process of establishment of the new rules for the business.

Taras Kachka cited changes in state procurement as example of comprehensive and irreversible reforms. The bill considerably simplifies requirements for private companies to take part in public procurement tenders, making the entire process more transparent.

The draft bill also simplifies requirements for the number of documents required for participation in tender, while access to wider pool of information is granted. “Control over public expenses will become much more streamlines,” Taras Kachka concluded.