Schedule of Press-Briefings at Ukraine Crisis Media Center for July 10, 2015

9-00 Topic: “Dynamics of hostilities in ATO zone in the last 3 days”
Lt. Dmytro Gutsulyak, ATO spokesman (via Skype)
Col. Viktoria Kushnir, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson

10-00 Topic: “Crimea: occupation`s chronicles. June”
Marya Lysenko, project coordinator of the Center for Civil Liberties, volunteer in Euromaidan SOS
Stanislav Krasnov, persecuted in the Crimea for political motives
Roman Martynovsky, expert of the Regional Centre for Human Rights

10-30 Topic: “In the name of Ukraine” – A list of the top cases on corruption and terror on Maidan figurants of which must sit in jail”
Yegor Sobolev, MP of Ukraine, fraction “Samopomich”, Head of the parliamentary committee on preventing and combating corruption
Vitaliy Shabunin, Chairman of the Anticorruption Action Center
Serhiy Ivanov, Investigative journalist
Roman Maselko, a lawyer of Automaidan
Taras Hatalyak, human rights activist, coordinator of the initiative Lawyers of Heavenly Hundred`s families

11-00 Round table on the topic: “Public Debt Management: Greece default, moratorium and other factors affecting Ukraine”
Igor Burakovsky, Director Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting
Olexandr Valchishen, Head of analytical department of ICU
Pavlo Kukhta, economist, Reanimation Package of Reforms
Taras Kachka, Head of the “Ukraine Reforms Communication Taskforce”

12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues

13-00 Topic: “Current state of reforms”
Taras Kachka, Head of the “Ukraine Reforms Communication Taskforce”

13-30 Topic: “Volunteers association “France. Ukraine. Solidarity” help internally displaced children and other disadvantaged children in Ukraine”
Cyril Bohaer, French volunteer

14-00 Topic: “The launch of the English program “UA Tea Time“ on the First National TV Channel”
Olivier Vedrine, President of the Franco-Ukrainian Business School at Dragomanov University, former chief editor of the Military School in Paris
Sergiy Velychanskyi, co-host of the program