Total value of goods produced over the year exceeded 11 billion hryvnia – Ukroboronprom General Director


Kyiv, July 9, 2015. The value of the output of State Trust Ukroboronprom over the year is 11.2 billion hryvnia, which is almost 2 billion more than the year before. Net revenue from goods in 2015 amounted to 12.6 billion hryvnia. Reform of the company has allowed the trust to provide jobs to five thousand employees over the year, and then increase the enterprise’s gross capital formation by 4.9 billion hryvnia. CEO of the State Trust Ukroboronprom Roman Romanov announced these achievements at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Over the year, the staff has been completely reformed, an electronic accounting information system has been introduced, enterprises have been restructured and a system for monitoring payments has been introduced.

Three state enterprises – Antonov, Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Enterprise and Factory 410 of Civil Aviation – joined State Trust Ukroboronprom, allowing the recruitment of 20,000 workers.

The reformation of administrative decisions saved more than 300 million hryvnia. The launch of electronic trading platform IT Enterprise, allowed the trust to hold more than 7,000 tenders and save 171 million hryvnia. “Using an electronic platform, we have managed to attract more than two thousand new contractors, suppliers of commodity, and material assets,” said Sergey Pinkas. In its turn, the system for monitoring payments saved 130 million hryvnia, while 1.2 billion hryvnia per month were saved by setting up efficient logistics systems.

Nearly 4,000 units of new and upgraded equipment were manufactured and delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is 36 times more than last year. Two thousand seven hundred ninety nine units of weapons and military equipment were repaired and transferred to the ATO zone. According to Yuriy Pashchenko, State Trust Ukroboronprom Deputy Director of Aircraft Industry and Manufacturing, over the year for the first time they managed to form 55 crews to repair military equipment in the ATO zone. “Thus, we were able to repair 987 armored and special vehicles, as well as 36 units of air defense systems,” said Yuri Panchenko.

Ukroboronprom delivered a memorandum on the expansion of enterprise to the entire territory of Ukraine as part of the program for import substitution to the domestic military-industrial complex in an effort to replace Russian production. Regional governors are now signing the memorandum. “This cooperation will increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian products, and will help create more jobs and save existing working capacity in the region,” summarized Denys Hurak, State Trust Ukroboronprom Deputy Director on Foreign Economic Activity.