“Ukrzaliznytsya” to be reformed according to EU standards – Acting CEO


Kyiv, July 14, 2015. Ukrzaliznytsia [Ukrainian Railways] will be reformed according to the EU standards, said Ukrzaliznytsya Acting CEO Oleksandr Zavhorodniy during a press briefing at Ukraine crisis media center.

Zavhorodnyi noted that Ukraine has already taken steps in this direction. Among other things, a number of regulations in the field of security have been implemented in accordance with EU standards. “We have developed a new classifier for railway accidents, which will gain official status within the next 20 days. In addition, we will report to the European Railway Commission,” emphasized Zavhorodniy.

Appointed to his post on July 7th 2015, Oleksandr Zavhorodniy also headed a commission on the reorganization of Ukrzaliznytsya (UZ). Among the steps of primary importance, Zavhorodniy mentioned UZ corporatization, the rapid examination of the technical state of railway infrastructure, and rolling stock for the assessment of critical characteristics and power reserve for safe passenger and goods transportation.

“Unfortunately, the state of the railways is not in the best condition, however it is not critical. The company has all necessary resources to enter the autumn and winter periods with due levels of stockpile capacity that will ensure proper functioning in winter,” said Zavhorodniy.

The acting head of the UZ announced the introduction of a number of innovations in personnel policy and service provision. Oleksandr Zavhorodniy also announced the introduction of the principle of transparency to the appointment of heads of departments and offices.

The planned steps of railway reform include the introduction of the system of the “single electronic window” for free client access to all operations which concern obtaining permits, contracts, certificates, etc. Another step is the introduction of “electronic trading” to open equal access of all potential market participants.

Oleksandr Zavhorodniy also announced a solution to the issue on unprofitable routes by opening bus lines and new directions of rail traffic.” An enormous amount of fuel is wasted on routes where just a car or two runs two or three times a week. Therefore, it is easier to buy three or four buses, place them on this route and carry passengers. This system works in France and Germany, and it is not a new practice, he explained. Also, arrangements are made for the introduction of new trains, “Kyiv – Odesa”, “Kyiv – Lviv” and “Kyiv – Novooleksiyivka,” said acting UZ CEO.