Schedule of press-briefings at Ukraine Crisis Media Center for July 20, 2015

10-30 Round table: “Protecting Ukraine. Forgotten problems of Chernobyl residents”
Natalia Veselova, MP, Samopomich faction
Volodymyr Vdovychenko, Ph.D in Economics
Volodymyr Berezin, NGO «Chernobyl Union of Ukraine»
Ivan Derda, NGO «Chernobyl Union of Ukraine»
Olena Kravchenko, NGO «Syla Krainy» [Power of the country]
Mykola Tomenko, MP, Batkivshchina fraction
Viktor Ivankevych, Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine
Ivan Pereginets, Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine
Volodymyr Proskurin, Head of NGO “Union of Chernobyl Veterans”
Olga Tarasenko, CEO of Ukraine union of employers of health resort institutions
Pavlo Shevchyk, Head of “Union of Chernobyl Veterans” Kyiv branch

11-30 Mariya Gaydar, Deputy Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration
Yuliya Marushevska, Deputy Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration

12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues

13-00 Topic: “Current state of reforms”
Taras Kachka, Head of the «Ukraine Reforms Communication Taskforce»

13-30 Topic: “The results of the blood drive “Kraplia Poriatunku” for the wounded ATO soldiers”
Larysa Bezuhlova, CEO of  the charity foundation “Volunterska dopomoga” [Volunteer assistance]
Oleg Shchyryi, Head of Department for Transfusion urban centers of thermal lesions and Plastic Surgery Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №2
Svyatoslav Janko, co-founder of the charity foundation “Volunterska dopomoga” [Volunteer assistance]

14-00 Natalia Voronkova, “Volunteer Sotnya” civic initiative

16-00 Topic: “New opportunities for investors on the Ukrainian energy market. Singing cooperation memorandum with Frontera Resources Corporation”
Yuriy Vitrenko, Director of the business development department at Naftogaz