Maria Gaidar: The choice to work in Ukraine is not a choice of nationality, but a choice of values


Kyiv, July 20, 2015.Russia is at war with Ukraine – the war is on. There are casualties, internally displaced persons, and instances where Russia is involved, but at the same time it says weapons need to be withdrawn,” stated Maria Gaidar, candidate to the post of Deputy Head of Odesa Regional State Administration. “The war between Russian and Ukraine is a fact – it is not disputable, it is absolutely obvious,” emphasized Gaidar.

The Russian oppositionist said that her choice to work in Ukraine is not a choice of nationality, but a choice of values, and that truth is on Ukraine’s side. “It is not merely a local conflict between Ukraine and Russia, it is a conflict of values, a conflict of civilizations between freedom, democracy, honesty, and normal business operations on the one hand, and Soviet nomenklatura and oligarchic banditism on the other,” stressed Maria Gaidar.

Gaidar claimed that she was ready to work in Mikheil Saakashvili’s team in Odesa region in any capacity, whether as deputy head of the regional state administration, advisor or a volunteer, so long as she works within the framework of Ukrainian legislation. “I will be honest, I would not want to give up my Russian citizenship. But I will act as the legislation requires,” confessed Maria. Within the Odesa Regional State Administration, Maria Gaidar will be working in the area of social services, specializing in education and healthcare issues. Gaidar considers the problems of internally displaced people and people with disabilities the most severe.

Gaidar also spoke about Crimea, recognizing the peninsula’s annexation as illegal. “Crimea was annexed by Russia in an illegal and immoral way, and needs to be returned to Ukraine. How this should be done, I don’t know. However, there’s no doubt that it’s possible. For this to happen, regime change is needed in Russia, and the issue of Crimea will need to be resolved in cooperation with international community,” she noted.

Deputy Head of Odesa Regional State Administration Yulia Marushevska, along with Gaidar intend to have a precise plan for working with internally displaced and homeless children, planning social service reforms, as well as the holding of open public receptions for community for community problem-solving. “We plan to open the Center for Provision of Administrative Services by late September – early October. By November, transparent customs zone should be operational,” announced Marushevska.