Schedule of press briefings in Ukraine crisis media center on Monday, May 26, 2014

Early Presidential elections in Ukraine: preliminary results, estimations and reports

12:30 Briefing of official observers of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development GUAM

Anatolie Dimitriu – President of the Parliamentary Assembly of GUAM, Head of Delegation of Moldova in GUAM PA, Member of the Commission on national security, defense and civil order, the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova
Nodar Ebanoidze – First Deputy Chairman of the budget and financial Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, Georgian Dream Fraction
David Sakvarelidze – Deputy Chairman of the Committee on procedural issues, Member of the Committee on Legal Affairs of the Parliament of Georgia, National Movement Faction
David Bezhuashvili – Member of the European Integration Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, a non-party
Vakhtang Lemonjava – Member of the Committee on Economy and Economic Policy, Member of the Agrarian issues Committee, members of the temporary Committee on territorial integrity of the Georgian Parliament, the National Movement – Regions Faction
Valeri Chechelashvili – GUAM Secretary General, Ambassador

13:15 Canadian observer mission CANEOM
• Senator Raynell Andreychuk – Member of Parliament of Canada (Progressive Conservative Party), High Commissioner, Permanent Representative to the UN, the initiator of the Canadian Parliament official condemnation of genocide against the Ukrainian people during Holodomor of 1932-1933
Mike Harris – former prime minister of Ontario

14.00 Andriy Magera, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine

15.30 Olga Ayvazovska coordinator of the electoral programs of civic network “Opora”

16.30 Ukrainian Congress Committee of America – observer mission
Tamara Olexy – President, Head of UCCA Mission
Andriy Futey – Vice President of UCCA, co-chairman of the mission
Rino Domenico – long-term observer of UCCA mission