Hromadske Radio chooses Andriy Kulykov its new head, presents renewed site and broadcasting at own frequencies


Kyiv, September 15, 2015. Founder of the renewed Hromadske Radio (Public Radio) Andriy Kulykov became Head of the same name NGO Hromadske Radio. Respective decision was adopted at the general staff assembly, said Kyrylo Lukerenko, Editor-in-Chief of Hromadske Radio NGO at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. He also said that their team together with Promin radio started joint production of the morning talk show “Clear Head” first aired on September 14. The program will be out at 10:00-12:00 on working days and at 9:00-11:00 during the weekend. The talk show will be available at UR-2 wave as well as online on the websites of respective radio networks. “We shall introduce our vision, surely, in such a flow being mostly entertaining and I mean the radio space we want to ‘shake’ well our radio audience, our country and our authorities, definitely and say that the war is going in the country and that Donbas needs recovery,” said Dmytro Tuzov, editor and co-host of the “Clear Head” show. According to him the Donbas theme is a permanent section where the hosts will be discussing developments in the region. Young reformers will be invited who are suggesting new concepts uncommon for the current authorities, explained Dmytro Tuzov. According to him that’s the show’s mission.

Moreover joint team of Hromadske Radio and Promin radio will fight for frequencies that are problematic. “I hope that Hromadske Radio will not only be helping us and we will be creating a joint project but will also help us so that we get heard, because this show is worth being known,” added Yaryna Skurativska, social programs editor at Promin radio and co-host of the talk show.

Iryna Markova, editor of Hromadske Radio NGO’s web site presented the renewed version of the site. Hromadske Radio is now able to integrate photos, video and text in its audio materials so that each piece can be read, listened to and even viewed. The new functions that Markova mentioned include the newsfeed and the opportunity to define the topic of the day as well as materials of special importance. There are also two sub-sites Crimea and Donbas that have respective thematic materials. “Main thing that happened to our web site is it became adjustable. Materials will be presented in the way that best suits the gadget, browser and window size used to view the web site,” the editor emphasized.

According to Oleksandr Buzyuk, Director of Hromadske Radio NGO the broadcaster reached a new stage of development. “We have received five frequencies. According to the license they are Kyiv at 70,4 MHz, Zorynivka, Bilovodsk and Bilolutsk,” he said. Additionally for the time of combat actions in eastern Ukraine the radio also received five frequencies for temporary broadcasting in three cities of Donbas: Volnovakha – in the upper range, Kramatorsk, Krasnoarmiysk and two towns: Starobilsk and Shyroke, said Buzyuk adding that Hromadske Radio plans to start broadcasting there in November.