ATO Staff: One armed provocation by militants recorded in the past 72 hours. Displacement of Ukrainian tanks from the frontline in Luhansk region continues


Kyiv, October 6, 2015. Militants observed the armistice in the ATO zone on October 2-5. There were no direct attacks on Ukrainian positions. Nevertheless, observers recorded one armed provocation on the temporarily occupied territories, informed Lieutenant Colonel Anatoliy Stelmakh, the ATO Staff spokesperson, at Ukraine Crisis Media Center via Skype. “On October 4 at 10:45 a.m. militants were shooting towards the frontline from an automatic grenade launcher two kilometers away from Hranitne in the Mariupol sector,” said Lt. Col. Stelmakh.

Ukrainian ATO forces have started withdrawing equipment and weaponry below 100mm from the front line. In line with the accords, the withdrawal process is divided into two stages and will last 41 days in total. The equipment and weaponry will be relocated to predetermined areas at a distance of not less than 15 km from the military front line. Ukrainian troops withdrew the first tanks from Luhansk region around 11:00 a.m. yesterday. “Altogether, the ATO forces will remove Т-64 and Т-72 tanks, 85 mm-caliber D-48 and D-44 antitank guns, and 2B-9 82mm mortar launchers during the withdrawal process,” said Lt.Col. Stelmakh. Removal of Ukrainian tanks from the frontline in Luhansk region continues today, on October 6.