Ukrainian media digest for June 3, 2014

The Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada, has approved confinement of Party of Regions MP Oleh Tsariov.
The authorities of Luhansk People’s Republik call Russian President Vladimir Putin for a non-fly zone in southeast Ukraine. Six people are dead and 10 locals are injured following today’s air bombing of Luhansk territories by internal military forces of Ukraine.
The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) said on Monday that Petro Poroshenko had won the Ukrainian presidential election in the first round and officially declared him president-elect. According to the protocol, which was signed by all members of CEC, Poroshenko received 54.7% (9,857,308) votes, more than half votes of electors participating in the ballot (18,019,544).
A blast in Luhansk regional administration killed 7 people and 8 people were injured and hospitalized. On 2 June there was an explosion in an occupied building of Luhansk regional administration. The fire started after the missile from the plane had hit the building, according to the media.
DPR representatives demanded to change the editorial policy of Donbass and Vecherniy Donetsk newspapers. The armed representatives of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic kidnapped Oleksandr Bryzh, the editor-in-chief of the Donbas daily, and Leonid Lala, the editor-in-chief of the Vechirnii Donbas daily, from the editorial office in Donetsk. Later editors were released.
Donbass newspaper has suspended its work process due to illegal demands of gunmen. Oleksandr Bryzh, the editor-in-chief of Donbass daily refused to change the editorial policy.