Training program for managers “Transformation of public enterprises” starts on December 12


Kyiv, December 3, 2015. Training program for managers of “Transformation of public enterprises” starts on December 12. The program will teach advanced methods and technologies of corporate governance, introduce the experience of international and Ukrainian companies and promote effective transformation of public enterprises in modern competitive companies. The program will last seven months and is free of charge,” said Ivan Kompan, Director of the program, at a press briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Training consists of 14 educational modules and includes specific aspects related to public company status, interactive open discussion and practical experience. “These are key disciplines taught in universities and business schools in the world, but we are laying a strong emphasis on the fact that the enterprises are public, so there should be coordination between enterprises and the state,” said Kompan. In particular, the program will include modules on standards of corporate governance, the issue of transparency, ethics, anti-corruption measures at the corporate level as well as classical academic disciplines that teach how to make the company profitable – it’s finances, markets, strategic planning, etc. The target group of the training program will be managers of enterprises and their departments, companies of various branches of the economy, generally up to 50 people. Representatives of the national oil and gas company “Naftogaz Ukrainy”, main operator of gas transportation system of Ukraine “Ukrtransgaz”, Boryspil Airport, state railroad company “Ukrzaliznytsia”, Mariupol Commercial Sea Port and many others have agreed to participate in the program. The trainers are normally teaching at European, American and Ukrainian universities and business schools such as the Stockholm School of Economics, Free University of Berlin, London Business School and others

According to Ivan Kompan, public enterprises in Ukraine will be transformed into non-profit enterprises and commercial state-owned enterprises in the course of time. “The main goal of the program is training of managers of commercial public enterprises, for the public enterprises should create a value rather than destroy it. Just as private companies trade on the world market and attract valuable capital, so should do the public ones, because such opportunities are available for companies of the public sector,” he said. Therefore, the main task of the training program is to help the state make public companies profitable and to ensure adherence to the market rules.

As reforms are conducted by people, this program is an opportunity for managers to increase their skills and generally change their mentality, states Ruslan Korzh, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. According to him, the process of renewal of management of state enterprises has already begun. Almost a third of personnel of the ministry and related companies have been renewed. Some people have experience in international business, but we are short of such knowledge. That is why “this training program is a ray of light in the darkness.”

Yaroslava Johnson, President and CEO of Western NIS Enterprise Fund, said that training program “Transformation of public enterprises”, funded by the company, is very important “to provide training at the highest level of corporate practice that they should work for the benefit of Ukraine.”