National Police of Ukraine Recruiting Center: More than 10,000 personal records of employees of the National Police in Kyiv and Kyiv region have been revised


Kyiv, January 15, 2016. As of January 14, the Certification Commissions considered personal records of more than 10 thousand employees of the National Police. In general, 13,500 employees of the National Police of Ukraine including the staff employees should be qualified in Kyiv, informed Olena Diatlova, spokesperson at the National Police of Ukraine Recruiting Center, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. According to her, currently there are seventeen working Certification Commissions. Three of them work with the staff, eight commissions – with employees from Kyiv and six – with the staff from the region. “As of January 14, the Certification Commissions revised personal records of 10,483 employees of the National Police, including 1,380 employees of the staff, 5,869 employees from Kyiv and 3,234 police officers from Kyiv region,” said Olena Diatlova. In the process of qualifying evaluation 353 persons are recommended to undergo a polygraph test, said the Recruiting Center spokesperson.

Besides, now also the qualification complaints are considered. “Presently two certification appeal commissions are working. 845 applications for consideration of complaints have been received,” said Mrs. Diatlova. The process of qualifying evaluation of employees from Kyiv and Kyiv region will finish in the last decade of January. Qualification evaluation of employees from other regions of Ukraine will begin at the end of January. On January 25, the first go through this process after Kyiv is Khmelnytsky region, where according to Mrs. Diatlova, qualifications of about 2,200 police officers to be confirmed.

The spokesperson at the National Police of Ukraine Recruiting Center also informed that the process of formation of certification commissions has begun in the regions. “The National Police representatives and the public may become members of the commissions. The commissions can consist of members of regional or national parliaments, employees of human rights organizations, NGOs, representatives of international technical assistance projects and media,” explained Olena Diatlova. To do this, anyone who wants to join the Certification Commission has to fill out an online form posted on the website of the Main Department of the National Police in the region.

Olena Diatlova disproved information that former “Berkut” employees involved in AutoMaidan activists beating up are qualifying for service at the National Police. According to Denyz Kazvan, communications advisor to the Head of the National Police of Ukraine, the information referred to in the Main Police Department documents is about the internal re-qualification in compliance with the promotion procedure. “Advance in the military ranks took place, but not as part of re- qualification for the National police that is in progress now. It took place as part of the procedure established by Oleksandr Tereshchuk, Chief of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv city, who is now dismissed,” he explained.