Fake: Azov threatens to “destroy the Dutch” in case of the negative vote at the Dutch referendum on Ukraine’s Association with the EU



A fake video recorded by the alleged regiment “Azov” is spread on the Internet. On this video the fighters of the “Azov” regiment promise to “conduct terrorist attacks” in case of the negative vote at the Dutch referendum on Ukraine’s Association with the EU.

Other media mention the word “ratification,” although it has not been mentioned in the video message. Besides, the ratification by the Netherlands took place on July 8, 2015. At the end of the video message the alleged “fighters” burn down the flag of the Netherlands. It should be noted that the fighter in the middle is just nodding, while the text is voiced-over and is read from paper. One can even hear very clearly the riffle of paper being leafed through. A few hours later the video was removed from YouTube and transferred to the newly registered channel PATRІOT and it is the only video there.

Later the Azov representatives disproved this video message, saying that “at first glance it is clear that such persons cannot be fighters of “Azov” as evidenced by a lack of regimental chevrons, uncharacteristic shoes and uniforms, etc. But most of all the airsoft guns on the video make people laugh.”

Besides, the Azov representatives note that from the very beginning of its existence, the regiment adheres to the position of the unity of European peoples in their struggle against the Asian invasion, whatever form it may take (post-Soviet or Islamic). Thus, there is no point in burning down the flag of the European ally of our country, especially with the argument “for the EU”. However, such point is for Russia, which is ready in every way to spoil the international image of Ukraine. In April the Netherlands will hold a referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association. The authorities have stated that it is recommendatory. The referendum result will not be binding on the government and only serves to know the citizens’ opinion.

Source: StopFake