If we do not learn lessons of our history, the events will repeat – organizers announced commemoration event for the fallen in the Battle of Kruty


Kyiv, January 27, 2016. On January 29 at 5 pm Ivan Honchar museum in Kyiv will host a commemoration evening for the fallen in the Battle of Kruty. The event was announced by Serhiy Triskach, head of board at NGO “Ukrainian Association of ATO Veterans” and Kostyantyn Vinnichenko, president of ATO veterans foundation “Brothers-in-arms united” at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Kostyantyn Vinnichenko said the evening will be hosted by researchers of Ukraine’s Memory Institute, a documentary narrating the events of 1918 will be screened and a concert with patriotic songs by Ukrainian musicians will be played. Veterans that took part in combat actions in eastern Ukraine were also invited.

Vinnichenko noted that Ukrainians need to not only discuss those events but also analyze why they happened and what needs to be done in future. “If we do not learn the lessons of our history, the same events will repeat,” said president of the “Brothers-in-arms united” foundation adding an example: “Our troops die during the so-called ceasefire.” “Everyone in his/ her area of responsibility needs to make each and every effort so that the peace is established and we realize that we are united in our country. Everyone who was on Maidan, volunteers and servicemen who were defending our country’s unity in eastern Ukraine as well as civil society actors need to present their vision on how to form our country and how to influence public policy,” said Vinnichenko.

Serhiy Triskach is of the opinion that the Ukrainian history is repeating. Almost a hundred years ago when Ukraine was on the way towards gaining independence, the Bolshevik-ruled Russia similarly did not want Ukraine to become independent. He reminded that back then in December 1918 Russia sent a 30-thousand army to Ukraine. And it was the civic society, students in particular, who stood up to protect their country – “they moved to the frontline in proximity to Kruty (Chernihiv region, about 150 km northeast of Kyiv – UCMC) and engaged in the first battle with the Bolshevik army. Over the five days 400 students with no military experience were standing ready to sacrifice their lives protecting Ukraine from several-thousand army of the Bolshevik-led Russia.” Similarly students were one of the first ones to go out on Maidan and struggle for European values. However, these days in contrast to the last century events Ukraine has got international support, said head of board at NGO “Ukrainian Association of ATO Veterans”.  “We have to consciously counteract this information warfare. We have to tell about those historic events that took place a century ago, commemorate the heroes fallen in the Battle of Kruty. We have many heroes nowadays as well,” said Triskach calling on Ukrainians to unite around the national idea.

Speakers added that participation in the commemoration event for the fallen in the Battle of Kruty is free of charge. Full information about the event (in Ukrainian) is available on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/445939968933640/ The ceremony of laying flowers on the Askold grave in Kyiv to the fallen defenders of Ukraine’s independence is due to take place on the same day, on January 29 at 3 pm.