Volunteers: The main thing for IDP’children is communication, entertainment and universal human values ​​


Kyiv, January 28, 2016. Lilia Karakai and Vitaliy Antoshyn, internally displaced persons from Donbas, founded a scientific show «Interesting science» in Kyiv. The show demonstrates the complex scientific physical and chemical laws in plain language. “We show experiments and tests. They are safe, lively and fascinating. We explain what we are doing so that children will be eager to learn these difficult subjects at school,” explained Lilia Karakai, co-founder of the scientific show “Interesting science” in framework of UCMC pilot project “Spokesperson of peaceful life” via Skype at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.
The show has two formats. The travelling scientific show can visit birthday parties or mass celebration and lively demonstrate experiments. Another option – workshops “Academy of interesting science.” “We hold these classes in Kyiv children’s and family’s clubs. “We are explaining a certain scientific topic to kids of five years old within one hour,” said Ms. Karakai. According to Vitaliy Antoshyn, co-founder of a scientific show “Interesting science”, the show costs from 2500 UAH, an hour of a master class costs 100 UAH. However, they gladly accept the offer to hold free shows for internally displaced persons’ kids.
Cultural Аssociation “New Аcropol’, which operates in Ukraine since 1991, is engaged in quite different areas – culture, philosophy and volunteering. According to Tetyana Kosyanchuk, PR representative at the cultural association “New Acropol,” the organization has a philosophy school which studies the culture of ancient peoples, organizes exhibitions, conferences, masterclasses and lectures. “We actively help IDP’ children during the last half a year. Twice a month we visit various settlements in the regions with our puppet theater, workshops, entertainment and games. We also present a lot of performances involving children,” explained Ms. Kosyanchuk.