Inaugural international conference in Kyiv on human effects on archaeology


Kyiv, February 1, 2016. On February 3-5, 2016 Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University will host the conference “Humanity and landscape: geographical approach in prehistoric archaeology”, announced representatives of NGO “Khvedor Vovk Paleontological Research Center” and other young researchers at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. It is the first international conference to bring together archaeologists in Ukraine and experts on natural sciences researching interaction between nature and humanity in a wide spatial and time context, said Oleksandr Kyrylenko, NGO head, postgraduate student of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. He said the Paleontological Research Center aims to promote anthropological, archaeological and historic science, to make these research paths more topical, to conduct archaeological research as well as to preserve cultural heritage. “Each year we see that protecting cultural heritage including archaeological one becomes more and more problematic,” noted Kyrylenko. “The conference aims to unite scientists that follow various research paths in different disciplines.”

According to Pavlo Shydlovskyi, scientific consultant of the NGO, Ph.D., associate professor at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University modern science is facing a number of problems including financial ones. “The state refuses to finance scientific programs, the same situation is observed in academic environment. It creates the situation when the occupation of a researcher is downgraded in society. On the other hand independent research and research-and-development centers are the only way to overcome academic elitism and scientific isolation,” the scientist is convinced. Financial resources are needed for this and scientists are supported first of all by citizens and international partners. The scientist said that the way out of the current situation is to overcome the narrow approach to science in Ukraine when science is squeezed inside the official agencies. “It will create the situation when Ukrainian scientific achievements will enter the EU and international context as well as will increase Ukraine’s rating,” said Shydlovskyi.

Thus thanks to the “Human and landscape: geographical approach in prehistoric archaeology” conference Ukrainian scientific works will become available for international scientists and experts. The issues that the conference focuses on are especially topical at the current stage of society development in the view of drastic natural changes and powerful technological pressure on environment. Results of comprehensive archaeological research projects by national and international scientists are to be covered at the conference, noted event organizers.

According to Yevhen Slesarev, NGO member, student of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” over 70 professionals will take part in the conference including biologists, geologists, geographers and researchers in other areas. Organizers have sent out invitations to main university centers and scientific institutions including the Paris-Sorbonne University, the French National Museum of Natural History, the Institute of Archaeology of the Warsaw University (Poland), the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory (Germany), the University of Cambridge (the UK) and the University of Bern (Switzerland). Scientists from Belarus, Georgia and other countries will participate as well.

Alisa Semenova, NGO member, fellow member of Hrushevskyi Museum said that young scientists are collecting money through a crowdfunding platform to hold the conference. All willing can join until February 5. She also said that representatives of NGO “Khvedor Vovk Paleontological Research Center” are preparing a series of programs for Internet users in order to promote national culture, traditions and history.