DRAKULA performance to help restoring touring in Ukraine


Kyiv, February 8, 2016.  Kharkiv Experimental Theater ‘Beautiful Flowers’ and producing company ‘PRO Production Ukraine’ are planning to be on tour with their new DRAKULA performance during 2016. Musician and actor Serhiy Babkin became the leading man – Count Dracula. The theater is averbal, all performances are played without words, only through the body language, said Serhiy Proskurnia, organizer of the tour, representative of the producing company ‘PRO Production Ukraine’.

According to the director of the performance Artem Vyusyk, the piece tells about edge states between the worlds of darkness and light. Moreover, this is a performance about solitude. “The main challenge the actors faced was to bring in their personal state. All the exercises covey exactly this very solitude,” emphasized the director.  He also explained that the “voiceless” theater speaks exclusively through body, which helps fully conveying ideas through plastique, being simultaneously an international language.

According to the leading man Serhiy Babkin, his Drakula is “[a person] who wants to reclaim his image of a person tired of ardor and overindulgence looking for salvation”.

Proskurnia said that this tour is an experiment. “We want [to manage it all] without the aid from the state, by our own forces. We want to support restoring touring in Ukraine,” he explained. In order to achieve this, organizers plan to visit all the university student towns. Price of entrance tickets will range from 50 to 100 hryvnias, depending on the location. Follow the link for the web-site and the bill of the performance.