Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian Armed Forces receive five unmanned aircraft systems

Kyiv, February 9, 2016. Ukrainian Armed Forces received five unmanned aircraft systems ‘Fury’. The complex allows conducting aerial reconnaissance on distance of up to 30 kilometers, said spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense Colonel Viktoriya Kushnir at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. According to Col. Kushnir, fiber glass cloth, hydrocarbon fiber and carbon fabrics where used in the manufacture of the airframe. An electric power device has been installed at the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which secures high reliability during flight. The aircraft feeds from two batteries which allow remaining inflight up to two hours, depending on the weather. “Cruising air speed is 65 km/h, maximum achievable speed is up to 130 km/h. Flying range from the moment of takeoff until return is around 50 kilometers. The aircraft is equipped with daytime and nighttime optical surveillance system,” said Col. Kushnir.

The UAV performed a task on target detection at maximum distance from the control point, demonstrating steady control and transmitting high-quality image to the receiving station in testing, she said. According to the spokesperson, the name of the UAV was given by troops testing it in the ATO zone.

“In future the developing company Atlon Avia is planning to equip the Fury UAV with an automatic fly-off system and automatic system of target indicating,” added Col. Kushnir.

At the same time, she said that in compliance with defense budget expenses, 7 billion 105 million hrryvnias will be allocated to weapons and military equipment development in 2016. “It is four times more than the financing in 2014 and almost eight times higher, than in 2013,” said Col. Kushnir.

Commissions of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding status of combat veterans awarded this status to 411 troops and employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “108 465 troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were awarded status of combat veterans as of today,” informed the spokesperson.

The Ministry continues paying money rewards to the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine participating in the anti-terrorist operation. “As of today over 23.5 thousand of Ukrainian defenders were paid bonuses to the sum over 106 million UAH. 51 servicemen received almost 780 thousand UAH for adversary’s destroyed equipment, 1 368 troops received 4 300 000 UAH for fulfillment of combat mission in the ranks of subdivisions and over 22 000 troops – 101 000 000 UAH for direct participation in combat activity, said the spokesperson. More than 1500 fighters will be paid over 5 700 000 UAH for participation in combat activity in the nearest future”.