Colonel Andriy Lysenko: Russian Federation springs up Grad multiple rocket launcher systems near Ukrainian border


Kyiv, February 16, 2016. Enhanced military activity of the Russian Federation on the territories adjacent to Ukraine raises serious concern. “According to recent intelligence, this morning occupants sprung up Grad multiple rocket launcher systems (advanced technology units on KAMAZ truck platform) and self-propelled artillery systems in the close vicinity to the Ukrainian-controlled territory. At the same time, Russians used obscuring smoke to cover their array,” informed Colonel Andriy Lysenko, spokesman of the Presidential Administration on ATO related issues at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Moreover, Russian troops of South and Central military commands, airborne forces units and air transport command have been put on full combat alert. “8.5 thousand troops, 900 units of military hardware, 200 aircrafts and helicopters and 50 ships were engaged under the pretence of military exercise in the south of Russia and on the territory of Crimean peninsula,” said Col. Lysenko. According to him, chief of the general staff of the Russian Federation, army general Gerasimov came to Crimea. “Such steps are the evidence of hostile intentions of the Russian Federation regarding our country. Thus, Ukrainian military command is taking appropriate steps,” informed the spokesman.

The armistice held in the Luhansk sector yesterday. Nevertheless, ceasefire violations were registered along the entire frontline in the Donetsk sector, mostly in the vicinity of Horlivka agglomerate and Donetsk airport. Militants carried out several brief attack using mortar launchers in Zaitseve, Pisky and south of Krasnohorivka. “By contrast to the previous days, Russia-backed militants are shooting at our positions equally, both in daylight hours ad during darkness,” said Col. Lysenko.

Maryinka and Krasnohorivka are the ‘hot spots’ in the Mariupol sector. “Militants shot 12 times at Maryinka, mostly from grenade launchers. Moreover, militants were shelling Krasnohorivka for 30 minutes, using 82-mm mortar launcher and ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft mount simultaneously,” informed the spokesman. He added that militants sporadically violated the armistice in several sections of the frontline at once, south of Mariupol.

“Ukrainian Armed Forces incurred no losses in combat in the last 24 hours. Two troops were wounded,” informed Col. Lysenko. Moreover, a local inhabitant was wounded during shelling in Zaitseve. The man was admitted to the hospital in Dzerzhynsk.

Law enforcements found a weapons cache in the backyard of a private house in Dymytrov town, Donetsk region. “Two anti-tank grenade launchers, four hand hollow charge grenades, 11 F-1 grenades and over 1500 cartridges of various calibers were seized,” informed the spokesman.