Author: Novel-requiem “Armageddon on Maidan” was published in English


Kyiv, February 19, 2016.  The English translation of the novel “Armageddon on Maidan” written by Vasyl Bazivs has been published in the US. “The novel is dedicated to mass killings of the Maidan activists and tells the story of Yuri Verbitsky – “the first great martyr from the Heaven’s Hundred,” informed the novel author during the presentation of the book at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. The book was written in the genre of novel-requiem. It also has elements of a detective story.

“The main objective pursued  by me was that the Ukrainian writer’s book should come into the West,” said Mr. Baziv. According to him, after the success of the American documentary film about the events in Maidan “Winter on Fire”, the publishers proposed him to review his manuscript.

The book also contains more than 50 photos of participants of the Revolution of Dignity. One of the portraits of the Maidan activists painted by Marina Sochenko was used for the book cover.