IDPs are strong and creative people who keep fighting – activists


Kyiv, February 29, 2016. A migrant from Horlivka, phorographer Oleksandr Vodolazskyi travels around Ukraine and collect stories of success of other internally displaced persons (IDPs). His photographs became a part of a project implemented with the support of the UNDP and the government of Japan and is directed at social cohesion. “IDPs are not only a burden for a country, there are many strong, creative, artistic people who don’t give up and will keep fighting,” said  Volodymyr Yermolenko, director of European programs, Internews Ukraine at the presentation of the project “Internally Displaced Persons: Stories of Success” at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Vodolazskyi believes that people who became protagonists of his stories are open to the society, for only those who can accept views of the society and be beneficial, can achieve success. He also explained the tendency of many employers realizing that IDPs work better, pick things up fast and are quicker to find new solutions. Vodolazskyi said that those who managed to achieve success, always help the others.

“Stories of IDP’s success is something we all need, it is important to hear, see and read them and look at these pictures. We must emphasize and look for something in common, not different,” emphasized Oleksandra Tselishcheva, representative of the UNDP in Ukraine.

Follow the link to find a collection of stories of success.