Our goal is to form a new worship of work – innovative work – expert


Kyiv, March 1, 2016. Tour of “Rozdilovi” (eng. – punctuation) project started in Ukraine yesterday. It unites the poetry of Kharkiv-based Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan, music of Oleksiy Vorsoba (Belarus) and of Vlad Kreimer (Donetsk, Ukraine) as well as video art of Kyiv-based artist Olha Mykhailyuk who is also the stage director of the event. The first performance took place in Berdyansk. Next cities are Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut and Sievierodonetsk. “Rozdilovi [in Ukrainian it has the same root as the word ‘rozdilyaty’ – to separate, delimitate – UCMC note] are not only punctuation marks in the text but also delimitation lines that exist on the ground as borders or imaginary lines that people are drawing in relationships with each other,” explained Tetyana Manziuk, project coordinator at ArtPole agency, coordinator of “Rozdilovi” project tour in cities close to the frontline speaking via Skype at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center in the framework of the UCMC pilot project “Spokesperson of peaceful life”.

Center for monitoring job market supported by the Embassy of the UK in Ukraine are implementing the project “Restructuring of human capital in coal industry.” In the framework of the project a hackathon was held in Kramatorsk on February 26. It was focused on finding new solutions for Donbas development. “Heavy industry is an anchor for Donbas that keeps the entire region within the totalitarian past and oligarchic present,” said Mykola Skyba, curator of the hackathon entitled “Hackadon: visions, roadmaps, new models of social and economic arrangement and projects for development of Ukraine’s eastern regions”. He is convinced that in order to ensure the region’s development industrial structure needs to be changed. In this context a question arises what to do with released people and space, how to adapt people under the new conditions. According to Skyba eight themes were presented at the hackathon ranging from culture and psychology to agriculture. In particular set up of cluster farms was discussed – agricultural production with the use of advanced technologies. “Our goal is to form the new worship of work – innovative work,” noted Skyba.

Intensive interdisciplinary team work at the hackathon resulted in a series of project ideas. Seven proposals were chosen. They will become part of the project pool of the Center for monitoring job market. With donor assistance they will be working to form the new development program. According to Skyba western donors are willing to help but they need quality project applications. “Hackathon is a starting event, we are opening the bank of ideas,” he explained.