Digest of reforms 4.03 – 11.03.2016. Maintaining progress

Despite the International Women’s Day holiday lull and continuing political uncertainty, reforms are continuing in Ukraine. Positive dynamic was proven by a poll conducted at the 12th annual Dragon Capital investment conference. International participants of the event noted that over the last year, the investment climate in Ukraine improved or, at least, did not become worse.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in its turn, in order to demonstrate support to potential investors, simplified  the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian visas for citizens from 27 countries.

Health Care Reform                                                                                 

Transparent public procurement of drugs through international organizations will help to treat an additional 28 thousand patients with tuberculosis. Overall savings on just this one item of procurement will be more than $ 3 million.

To continue the trend, the Ministry of Health made another unprecedented step: it initiated a practice of prior consultations. For the first time in history, patient organizations, professionals and social activists submitted their recommendations for a list of necessary medications prior to the procurement. This approach will not only provide a more transparent mechanism for the purchase of medicines, but will also improve the availability of drugs that are in short supply in hospitals.

Energy Reform

Transparent and clear energy tariffs have become a reality for Ukraine. The law that provides transparent setting of tariffs in the housing and communal sphere has entered into force. Now, Ukrainians have the right to acquire free and impartial information about what makes up the price of electricity, gas, heat, water and other services. People can compare prices with other regions or countries; learn why the price for a particular service increased and better evaluate service quality.

Infrastructure reform

The Unified Maritime Search and Rescue Service, that affiliates the Marine Emergency Rescue Service, will be engaged in search and rescue of human lives on the high seas.Unification of these services will create an effective system of prevention of tragic incidents in the marine area, which also corresponds to the international obligations of Ukraine under the International Maritime Organization.


The government has simplified the customs formalities for export and import of certain goods. The most significant change relates to facilitation ofthe export of fish and fishing products, which will no longer require certification.

Some more simplifications of administrative services were introduced by the Ministry of Economic Development. In particular, according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, services on granting permission for investing the assets abroad, as well as for registering contracts on the export of scrap metal will be provided online via the United State Portal of Administrative Services.

Financial Sector Reform

A statement about the final cleansing of the banking system and new rules of professional activity on the stock market were issued last week. The National Commission on Securities and the Stock Market has raised standards for annual financial statements, business reputations and ownership structures of companies which employ persons who can conduct open-market operations.