Activists: We support the initiative to form a police department that would respond to compromising information about the National police

Kyiv, March 18, 2016. The case when activists exposed Anton Shevtsov, appointed head of the National Police in Vinnytsia, is an eloquent testimony that public control over the processes in state bodies is really important. “This is a vivid example of how activists can find a great deal through the Internet. We took all the information from open sources,” said Taisa Gaida, NGO “Automaidan Vinnytsia Region”, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Let us recall that the scandal around the head of Vinnytsia police broke out after activists found through social networks that despite the current events, Anton Shevtsov, as well as his deputy, is a fan of Russia. “He ceded a town in Luhansk region when he headed police,” said Oleksandr Targonskyi, NGO “Automaidan Zhytomyr”.

The activists expressed indignation at the fact that a person with such a shady past was not only qualified by the Certification Commission, but also was assigned to a high executive post as well as his deputy. “This is a structure, which is highlighted as a successful reform. This is a shameful event, and someone must be punished for it. We want to bring this matter to an end,” stressed Dmytro Gaidutskyi, NGO “Ukrainian Union “Automaidan”.  Besides, the activists expressed surprise at the fact that Shevtsov was unmasked by the citizens and not by the Security Service or officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that for two weeks the case hasn’t received any publicity neither in the media, nor in NGOs of Vinnytsia. Only after “Automaidan” arrived in the city from all over Ukraine, the news began to spread. ATO veterans also helped us. “We are outraged by the fact that instead of regulating our life, we are again faced with separatism,” stressed Roman Dobrovolskyi, NGO “Brat za brata”.
“We support the initiative to form a police department that would respond to such information and give their competent assessment. This would significantly reduce a degree of tension in the society, allow this information to be objectively assessed and would unmask people who are unworthy of their positions,” stated Oleg Bondaruk, NGO “Automaidan Ukraine.” Besides, Anatoliy Banakh, NGO “Lustration Committee,” proposed to establish permanent public councils at the state authorities, including the National Police.