Memory Run – tribute to Cyborg Ihor Branovytsky to take place in Pushcha-Vodytsia on April 3 – Ukrainian Leadership Academy


Kyiv, March 28, 2016. Memory Run will take place in a suburban city, nearby of Kyiv, Pushcha-Vodytsia on April 3. The charity event is organized to commemorate Ihor Branovytsky, Cyborg, Ukrainian serviceman who took part in the war in eastern Ukraine and was defending the Donetsk airport. All the money collected is planned to spend on arranging the street in Pushcha-Vodytsia named after Ihor Branovytsky (Yunkerova street is to be renamed). The organizers of the event are the Ukrainian Leadership Academy and the KM Running Club. The aim of the Memory Run is to pay respect to the heroism and courage of Ukrainian servicemen who are protecting their homeland daily as well as to collect funds required to arrange the street. “We as Ukraine do not have the right to stop today. Movement is life, especially when it comes to moving along the way leading our country to the space of freedom and dignity. We sincerely strive that the memory of our new heroes, defenders of our people gives us light along our way and helps us overcome all difficulties. That’s why we are running today. We are running not to forget!” said Andriy Zielinskiy, military chaplain, member of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy’s Initiative Group at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

According to Kostyantyn Bozhko, director of the KM Running Club four distances are foreseen: 21 km, 14 km, 7 km and 3 km long. A 400m is a distance for children under eight years. Participation fee is UAH 150. For the military, children under 18 and people over 60, the participation is free. The run will start on April 3 at 11:00 on Yunkerova street. The route goes through the picturesque Pushchansky wood above the lakes. The organizers have also arranged for a transfer from Akademmistechko metro station in Kyiv at 9:00 and 10:00. To register for the Memory Run follow the link or get registered on the day of the run between 9:00 and 10:30. More detailed information is available on the event’s Facebook page.

“We are thus doing two things at the same time useful both for the body and soul. We are not only joining the healthy lifestyle but are remembering him [Ihor Branovytsky] with our deeds,” noted Mykola Yashchuk, student of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy.

Reference: The run is conducted to commemorate Ihor Branovytsky, a Ukrainian serviceman who gave up his life at the war in eastern Ukraine. Native of Pushcha-Vodytsia, machine gunner of the 90th airborne assault battalion of the 81st airborne assault brigade, he stayed to save his wounded brothers-in-arms and was taken captive after the Donetsk airport was blown up on January 21, 2015. Following cruel torture he was shot down with two shots in the head by Russian terrorist “Motorola”. On June 4, 2015 Ihor Branovytsky was posthumously decorated with the Order “People’s Hero of Ukraine”.