42 countries appealed to the Hague Tribunal over Russian war crimes in Ukraine

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Due to the war crimes of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine, 42 countries have already appealed to The Hague. An international investigation has begun.

This was announced by the Minister of Justice Denis Malyuska on the air of the National telethon, ArmyInform reports.

“42 countries have already appealed to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the investigation of war crimes at the international level has begun, the appeal of these countries has simplified and accelerated the procedure for Ukraine”, Maluska said.

Experts from all over Ukraine are working to gather evidence of war crimes in Bucha, but the number of such crimes is so large that there are not enough resources.

“It is difficult with resources, because the number of crimes committed by Russia is insane, and it requires a lot of effort. We have a lot of problems, but war crimes are a priority. We have international support, experts from France will arrive this week. Moreover, we are in negotiations with other EU countries, and it is very likely that they will also provide their own professional experts, and this will help to cope with the huge amount of work”, he said.

The Minister of Justice noted that the most difficult thing is to prove the guilt of those who gave criminal orders.

“Currently, a base is being assembled to prosecute each Russian serviceman separately for what he did and those who gave the relevant orders”, said Denis Malyuska.

He warned Ukrainians not to expect a quick result in the investigation of war crimes.

“You should not wear pink glasses, Russia will not betray itself, if they retain that power and there are no radical changes inside, they certainly will not betray their war criminals”, said Denis Malyuska.