Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice launches online service for processing and issuing documents


Kyiv, April 12, 2016. The project of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine “On-line House of Justice” will help citizens get the necessary documents without contacting any officials. Three key services are already available via the Internet. They are – repeated, in case of losses, obtaining documents of civil registration: certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, etc. An NGO can be registered online now. Currently, you can get 15 kinds of documents without standing in queues. There is also a “social elevator” function for those wishing to get a position in the judiciary. Stanislav Kutsenko, Chief of the Main Directorate of Justice in Kyiv provided this information at a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

He explained that documents are to be obtained personally so far, but people themselves choose time to visit justice agencies. The documents are usually ready the next day. “We have retained verification of a person who visits us with a passport for the first time. Later the website will introduce identification of a person by digital signature,” he added.

Mr. Kutsenko said that in 2016 they plan to expand the number of online services to 20. Among them – state registration of birth, registration of assistance for mothers at childbirth and so on.

Another innovation is the ability to get a position in the system of justice via a website. According to Mr. Kutsenko, the online house of justice will post vacancies where you can send your CV. “Then we invite you for an interview, you take an examination and have a public online interview,” said Mr. Kutsenko.

“Online House of Justice” has been functioning since April 7 in test mode. Currently they are accepting suggestions from the public. Then they will run a full version that will operate throughout Ukraine. About 300 requests have been registered over this week.