Schedule of press-briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for April 28, 2016

9-00 Topic: “Results of Medical mission of Canadian doctors to Ukraine and future projects”
Krystina Waler, director of humanitarian initiatives, Ukraine Canada Foundation
Dr. Ulana Suprun, Director of Humanitarian Initiatives of the Ukrainian World Congress, director of the NGO “Patriot Defence”
Dr. Oleksandr Linchevskyi, medical director, NGO “Patriot Defence”
Dr. Denys Godlevskyi, neurosurgeon, trainer, NGO “Patriot Defence”
Dr. Igor Fedirko, Col. of Medical Service, director of the Craniofacial Surgery and Dentistry Clinic at the Ministry of Defence Main Clinical Military Hospital
Sergiy Chuchyn, patient of the Mission
Anne Mattson Gauss, chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine

10-00 Topic: “Case of “Kremlin prisoner” Sergiy Lytvynov: perspectives of appeal and clai; against Dmitriy Kisevel”
Victor Parshutkin, lawyer of Sergiy Lytvynov
Maria Tomak, coordinator of the campaign #LetMyPeopleGo

10-30 Topic: “Liberation of Nadia Savchenko: perspectives & challenges”
Mark Feigin, lawyer of Nadia Savchenko
Aleksandr Plakhotniuk, lawyer of Nadia Savchenko

11-00 Topic: “Presentation of the new Freedom House Report “Nations in Transit 2016”
Daniel Calingaert, Freedom House Executive Vice President for External Relations
Nate Schenkkan, Freedom House Project Director, Nations in Transit
Oleksandr Sushko, Research Director, Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation in Kyiv
Olena Prystaiko, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

12-30 Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues

13-00 Topic: “Perspectives of opening crossing points in Lugansk region”. UCMC pilot project “Spokesperson of peaceful life”
Yuriy Klymenko, deputy head of the Luhansk Regional Military and Civil administration on public order and security issues (via Skype)

13-30 Topic: “Start of All-Ukrainian Tour for support of Yuriy Izdryk new book “Summa” (co-author – Yevgenia Nesterovych) and Iryna Tsilyk poetry collection “Glybyna rizkosti” (“The depth of definition”) 
Yuriy Izdryk, poet, writer
Sviatoslav Pomerantsev, president of the International Literature Corporation MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ
Yevgenia Lopata, director of the International Literature Corporation MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ

14-00 Round table on topic: “Design of public spaces in Kyiv: current challenges”
Oleg Garyaga, head of Kyiv Shevchenkivskyi District State Administration
Oleksiy Reznikov, deputy head of Kyiv City State Administration
Ganna Bondar, deputy head of Kyiv Chief Architect
Illiya Sagaidak, deputy head of  Kyiv City State Administration
Igor Tyschenko, urbanist, CEDOS analytical center, “MISTOSITE” editor
Kateryna Goncharova, coordinator of the project “Pravo na misto” (“The right to city”)
Iuliia Popova, coordinator of the program “Democracy Endowment”
Oksana Polischuk, head of the Ukrainian Association of Outdoor Advertisement Operators
Moderator: Vladyslava Osmak, head of the Center for Urban Studies, National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

16-00 Round table on topic: “Crimea. Protection of Crimea Tatars’ Rights. Return of the Peninsula
Oleksandr Liev, Crimean polititian, Ex-Minister of Transport of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Oleksiy Starodubov, founder of the NGO “Crimean Expert Center”
Andriy Didenko, coordinatior of Kharkiv Advocacy Group
Emine Dzheppar, advisor to the Minister of information policy on Crimea
Eskender Bariev, representative of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People
Yulia Tyschenko, expert of the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research
Tamila Tasheva, co-founder of civil initiative “Crimea SOS” Oleksandra Matviychuk, NGO “Euromaidan SOS”
Victoria Voronina, representative of Vadym Chernysh, Minister on Temporary Occupied Territories and IDPs of Ukraine
Veldar Shukudzhiev, activist, initiator of the film “Native Peoples”
Igor Koliushko, lawyer Oleksandra Dvoretska, activist
Maksym Mayorov, Ukrainian Institute of National Memory
Oles Shevchenko, former dissident
Natalia Belitser, expert, Pylyp Orlyk Democracy Institute

18-30 Public lecture dedicated to 30th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster: “Lenin Catastrophe: Chernobyl in KGB documents”
Volydymyr Viatrovych, head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory