Luahnsk Region Adminstration: Crossing point “Stanytsia Luhanska” remains closed due to militants’ daily attacks

The only crossing point between Ukraine-controlled and militant-controlled territories in the Luhansk region stops functioning, Ukrainian authorities and OSCE SMM monitor the situation.

Kyiv, April 28, 2016. The decision to open the crossing point “Stanytsia Luhanska” has not been made. Militants continue shelling almost daily. It was stated by Yuriy Klymenko, Deputy Head of the Luhansk Regional Military and Civil Administration at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center, in the framework of UCMC pilot project “Spokesperson of peaceful life”. According to him, on April 27 they recorded “direct mine hits in the pavilions where representatives of State Border Service and fiscal bodies work.”

Mr. Klymenko said that on April 25 head of Luhansk regional military and civil administration Georgiy Tuka and representatives of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission had previously agreed that if within 48 hours no attacks would be recorded, the crossing point “Stanytsia Luhanska” will open. The representatives of the monitoring mission remained close to the crossing point to monitor the situation. As of April 28, attacks are recorded daily, so the crossing point is closed. On April 29, according to Mr. Klymenko, representatives of the military and the Interior Ministry will have another meeting to discuss the probability of opening “Stanytsia Luhanska”. “During a shift up to 4 200 people used the crossing point. Throughout time of its functioning, it was used by almost 150 000 people. Out of this number approximately 60 percent [of people – Ed. UCMC] entered Ukraine and another 40 percent exited, “noted Klymenko.

Another crossing point in Luhansk region, “Zolote,” does not work yet. Mr. Klymenko said that on March 31 the self proclaimed “Luhansk People’s Republic” (“LPR”) did not open it on their side through some flimsy reasons. “On April 20 in Minsk a representative of the self proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DRR”) Daynego declared that “LPR” representatives had not opened the crossing point “Zolote” on their side solely due to the fact that the neutral territory, from Ukrainian crossing point to “LPR” crossing point, had not been checked for explosive devices. I want to assure you that we did this job,” reported Mr. Klymenko. He added that the opening of the crossing point is also blocked by the so-called “Don Cossacks” who do not report to Igor Plotnitskiy and say they do not plan to fulfill Minsk agreements.

“As of today, we do not have any crossing point in Luhansk region from the occupied territory. It creates a social pressure, especially on the eve of May holidays and Easter,” stated the deputy head of the Luhansk regional military and civil administration.

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