Vaclav Havel’s play about hope “Sanitation” will be staged in Kyiv


The play is very close moods in Ukrainian society, reviving the people’s belief in their powers.

Kyiv, May 18, 2016. A number of events will be organized in Kyiv on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Czech playwright and politician Vaclav Havel. One of the events is the Ukrainian premiere of Havel’s play “Sanitation”. The play will be staged in the Kyiv Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater on June 10. This was announced by Ivan Počuch, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Ukraine,
at a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “It’s not surprising that a few years after his death, this play became topical in Ukraine. He was not only a playwright but also a politician and an excellent teacher. He understood how people behave in times of crisis and danger,” said Karel Schwarzenberg,  former foreign minister of the Czech Republic and Vaclav Havel’s friend.

Lucie Řehoříková, Director of the Czech Centre in Kyiv, informed that in the framework of the year of Vaclav Havel in Ukraine, it is planned to publish his books and other works. His most famous essay “The Power of the Powerless” has already been published. Tomas Fiala, chief executive officer of the investment company “Dragon Capital,” drew a parallel between Mr. Havel’ activities and beliefs and recent events in Ukraine. “He wrote this book at the time when there was no advantage in telling the truth. He spent many years in prison because he was not afraid to publicly voice his beliefs and did not recant them. […] He was not afraid to take the steps which seemed naïve to many people, because he believed that someone has to be first, and then those will join who will help implement changes,” explained Mr. Fiala.

Břetislav Rychlík, stage director, informed that Havel wrote “Sanitation” during the 1980s, between his imprisonments. It first appeared as a self-publish book; and two days later the Velvet Revolution began. “My message to Ukrainians is as follows: although things may appear hopeless at first, they can change. This play is about hope,” noted Mr. Rychlík.

Mykhailol Zakharevych, director of the Ivan Franko theate, voiced the hope that “Sanitation” will be shown for many years. “Vaclav Havel did a lot not only for the Czech Republic, but also for the world. His example is very important for Ukrainians today,” believes Mr. Zakharevych.