Schedule of press-briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for June 7, 2016

9-30 Topic: “Traitors among those in power: Yuriy Ivaniuschenko, the closest companion of Victor Yanukovych, has changed his status in INTERPOL database” 
Sergiy Leschenko, MP (“Petro Poroshenko Block” faction)

10-00 Topic: “Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: updates on the activities over the past 4 days”
Lt. Dmytro Gutsulyak, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesperson

10-15 Randy W. Berry, U.S. State Department’s first-ever Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons

11-00 Topic: “Results of inspection of judges who made illegal decisions against Euromaidan participants” 
Roman Maselko, lawyer, member of the “Lawyers Advisory Group” Collegium
Nazar Fedorchuk, lawyer, PhD in Law
Valeriya Rybak, coordinator for civil monitoring, Center of Civil Liberties “OZON”

12-00 Topic: «Ivica Pirić humanitarian action for people affected by war in Ukraine”. UCMC pilot project “Spokesperson of peaceful life”
Ivica Pirić, former player of Kyiv “Arsenal”,  FIFA agent, founder of the foundation for helping people affected by war

12-30 Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues

13-00 Topic: “Data is a valuable asset” 
Vira Nanivska, head of the Board, Anna Yaroslavna Collegium
Oleg Rybachuk, director of the NGO “Centre.UA”
Andriy Tarnopolskiy,  Head if the Board, NGO “Centre of geospatial data of Ukraine”
Ivan Shpylevskyi, director of the company “Dipromisto”
Igor Isayev, coordinator of Research Committee D2 – Information systems and telecommunications, CIGRE – International Council on Large Electric Systems
Yuriy Krapinskyi, professor, PhD in technical sciences, head of Geoinformation & Photogrammetry Chair, National University of Architecture and Construction, director of the Research Institute for Geodesy and Cartography

15-00 Topic: “Functioning of E-Data portal is under threat. Why administrators of funds do not register their cabinets?” 
Victor Taran, head of the Center for Political Studies and Analytics “Eidos”
Dmytro Boyarchuk, “Case Ukraine” director
Oleksandr Klymchuk, head of the Board, NGO “Civil Society Online”