Russia holds drills using destruction of U.S. navy destroyer in the Black sea as scenario – intelligence


Russia holds aviation drills in the Black Sea region that demonstrate its military capabilities. Alleged enemy as per the drills scenario is NATO.

Kyiv, June 9, 2016. The Russian Federation keeps demonstrating to the countries of the Black Sea region and NATO member states its decisiveness to defend its interests and readiness to apply military force. Aviation is being actively used, the one that is capable of launching long-range missiles. On May 25 – June 8 nationwide Russian contest of air crews “Aviadarts-2016” took place on the territory and in the air space of the annexed Crimea. Russian Federation keeps holding the drills for large-scale offensive in the Black Sea region. One of the aims of these actions is not to let NATO warships to the Black Sea, said representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Vadym Skibitsky at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “On June 8 Armed Forces of the Russian Federation conducted demonstrative drills in the airspace of the central part of the Black Sea following the scenario on destruction of the warship group of the NATO’s Standing Naval Forces headed by Porter U.S. destroyer in Costanta port,” noted Skibitsky.

According to him four Tu-22M3 strike bombers out of the 22 of the strike bombers aviation division were engaged into the drills. Four Su-27 fighter jets were accompanying the strike bombers. Airborne early warning and control aircraft A-50U was in control of the air space and coordinated aviation activities.

Representative of military intelligence emphasized that the drills in question took place ahead of the NATO Warsaw summit in July 2016 where security issues will be in focus including those that relate to the Black Sea region.