Author and creator of the record-breaking Ukrainian flag: MPs must remember they serve their people


Kyiv, June 18, 2016. An activist made a new all-Ukrainian record, creating the biggest national flag with an excerpt from the Constitution of Ukraine embroidered on it. The text, from Article 5 of the Fundamental Law, states that the people are the only source of power in Ukraine. “This flag is  a message to the parliament [Verkhovna Rada] to remind them that these are the people of Ukraine who delegated them, that the people are the power and Verkhovna Rada is to work in the same way as people do,” said  Angelina Shostak, the author of the embroidered flag, at a press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.
She has been making flags since the start of the war. She made as many as 305 banners, including signature flags for “cyborgs” [defenders of the Donetsk airport], Ukrainian heroes, Jamala etc. “The war with Russia persists in the country, so everyone has to do anything they can to hasten our joint victory,” emphasized Oleh Ivanenko, Head of the Supervisory Council for the Ukrainian Book of Records project.

Ihor Pidchybyi, the project curator, said that the size of the flag is 4.5 by 3 meters and its total area makes up 13.5 square meters.

Ms. Shostak would like this flag to be hung in Verkhovna Rada so that the members of parliament could see it every day. “I will ask to place this flag in Verkhovna Rada. In this way each deputy will stop reading those clownish slogans they hang around the premises. They would read the words that helped them become MPs and remember that they must serve their people,” emphasized the artist.