ATO veterans set up business with the aim of social rehabilitation


The business and social rehabilitation project for military veterans came out of realization that there is a tendency not to employ those returning from the frontline back to civilian life.

Kyiv, July 4, 2016. Former volunteers from “Donbas” Battalion created a center that offers services for household needs like fixing fridge, TV set, installing sockets etc. The center is called “ATOshka” and apart from the “usual” services, they also offer social rehabilitation for former ATO soldiers. These household services will be provided by plumbers, carpenters, electricians and other specialists who used to be on the frontline. The founders Ruslan Kidalov, Volodymyr Voznyi and Igor Kryvenkov spoke at the press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center and shared that “ATOshka” was founded with help of funds they received from demobilization.  

The founders claim that there is a tendency amongst employers to refuse former ATO fighters jobs, justifying it with potential mobilization in the future. “No one wants to hire a person for six months or so, as we are kept in the army reserve. Some employers fear individuals with traumas and concussions, while others consider former soldiers psychologically unstable,” explained director of the Center for services around the house “ATOshka,” former “Donbas” battalion soldier Ruslan Kidalov.

The founders developed this idea while they were on service. “We were demobilized in April, a week after that we rented the premises, found tools and started working. In future we plan to also offer a cleaning service for furniture. Now we are inviting interior designers, tailors and specialists in electronic devices to join our team,” told Volodymyr Voznyi, former volunteer at the “Donbas” battalion. Even though the project is still fresh and the team is small, the amount of orders exceeds expectations and they have to engage part-time specialists from the outside. “We are happy to welcome everyone in our team. For instance, one of our employees – Artem Korovchenko-Topuzov used to be a jeweler before going to to war,” added Ruslan Kidalov.

Families of the fallen ATO soldiers will receive services around the house from “ATOshka” free of charge, they will only need to buy the materials. All the contacts of the center are listed on its Facebook page as well as full range of services they provide.