Schedule of press-briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for July 7 2016

9-00 Topic: “GoCamp language camps for kids from Lugansk and Donetsk regions”
Mustafa Nayem, founder GoGlobal initiative, MP (“Block Petro Poroshenko)
Lyubov Zalyubovska, project coordinator at GoCamps
Georgiy Tuka, Deputy Minister of temporarily occupied territories and IDPs of Ukraine
Nina Sorokopud, Public Information expert at the UNHCR

10-00 Topic: “Presentation of the report “Where did the fire come from? Investigation of cross-border attacks in eastern Ukraine”
Arik Toler, principal investigator of the post-Soviet region at Bellingcat
Svitlana Valko, coordinator of field missions in Ukraine, IPHR
Oleksandr Delemenchuk, Advisor at “Truth Hounds”
Oleg Martynenko, head of the analytical department at the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
Simon Papuashvili, project manager, IPHR Belgium (via Skype)

11-00 Topic: “Ukrainians who lost their passports in Crimea: How to leave the occupied peninsula?”
Serhiy Zayets, lawyer at Regional Centre for Human Rights
Serhiy Antonenko, citizen of Ukraine, who lost passports in Crimea
Tetyana Pechonchyk, Information Center of Human Rights

12-00 Topic: “Training of Ukrainian military medics, treatment of wounded soldiers and hosting of Ukrainian orphans in Estonia” Ukrainian Crisis Media Center pilot project “spokesman peaceful life”
Vira Konyk, Congress of Ukrainians of Estonia (via Skype)
Bogdan Liutiuk, Ukrainian Cultural Center (via Skype)

12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues

Conference “Reorganization and establishments of museums in the front-line area, as a tool for humanitarian policy”

13-00 Panel 1: “Humanitarian policy: where to look for it and where to go?”
Olga Lishyk, deputy head of the Lugansk regional military and civil administration on social and humanitarian issues
Oleg Nevenytsya, executive director of the NGO “Media Crisis Center “Severskyi Donets”
Yuryi Polidovych, Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine, former Senior Research Fellow at Donetsk Regional Museum
Nataliya Kaplun, researcher of ethnography at Luhansk regional museum (1998-2015), Head of the archeology at the Luhansk regional museum (2015-2016)
Moderator: Leonid Maruschak, curator of Ukraine Crisis Media Center art initiative

15-00 Panel 2: “The world and Ukrainian experience of museums in the revitalization of industrial areas and factories”
Ewa Figel, director of the Polish Institute in Kyiv, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Poland in Ukraine
Dr. Iago Gil Aguado, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Spain in Ukraine
Kateryna Smagliy, associate professor at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts,
Moderator: Yuliya Zinoviiva, Science Secretary of the National Art Museum of Ukraine

16-30 Presentation of contemporary museum projects

Slovyansk museum of local history (Change of exhibition, as part of creating a positive image of the city)
Lyudmila Zander, director of “Slovyansk museum of local history”
The “Museum of Contemporary History of Donbass”
Larion Lozovoy, artist, researcher
Anton Lapov, artist, researcher, curator
Project «Luhansk’s Arts & Facts» – virtual platform for artifacts of cultural life and social activism in Lugansk in 2004 – 2013
Yaroslav Minkin, social activist and cultural innovator, head of the youth organization “STATUS”
The “Svitlograd” (“Cultural diplomacy between the regions of Ukraine”, UCMC)
Jean de Lannoy, Deputy Ambassador of Belgium to Ukraine
Leonid Maruschak, curator of Ukraine Crisis Media Center art initiative
Moderator: Olga Honchar, Project coordinator at UCMC art initiative