Assistant Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government: Transparent system of public construction was presented in Kyiv


Kyiv, July 15, 2016. Today, the system of transparent construction of Seoul has been presented in Kyiv. Based on it, the representatives of the city government and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine will sign a memorandum on mutual understanding between the parties. This was informed by In-Suck Koh, Assistant Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government, during a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “Implementation of such a program in the country will allow citizens to influence decision-making in this area. It will also open data and information on the process of construction,” he noted.

According to Oleksiy Sobolev, Advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Head of the Multi Stakeholder Group CoST Ukraine, open data is the Ministry’s priority. “This program not only allows us to implement the infrastructure projects transparently, but also to manage them effectively, which saves us money and supports efficiency,” he explained. Mr. Sobolev noted that representatives of various regions of Ukraine have attended the program presentation. As to Kyiv, one of the first projects will be repair of roads by Kyivavtodor. He explained that the funds for these works were found with great difficulty. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure their transparent use.

Balazs Horvath, director of UNDP Seoul Policy Centre, informed that the information management system, which has been implemented in Seoul, is very effective for increasing a level of investments in Ukraine, and is quite effective for fighting against corruption. “It is extremely productive investment. If the cost of “construction” decreases at least by some percent, you will save a lot of money, because budget spending for construction is considerable. This will also greatly increase public confidence in the government,” he believes.