Ministry of Defense: Military Exercise “Sea Breeze” in south Ukraine enters active phase

Naval Forces of the Black Sea region countries together with the USA learn how to use new underwater equipment. The exercise has a special focus on territorial defense.

Kyiv, July 26, 2016. Active phase of joint the Ukrainian-American exercise “Sea Breeze – 2016” started in the Odesa and the Mykolaiv region, and northwestern area of the Black Sea. “Over 25 combat vessels, motor boats and service ships of Ukrainian, American, Romanian and Turkish Naval Forces, about 20 aircrafts and helicopters,” said the spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Lieutenant Colonel Oleksiy Chernobai at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Apart from vessels of Naval Forces, motorboats from the State Border Service of Ukraine represented the Ukrainian fleet in the exercise. Participants will drill actions of multinational headquarters and troops during international peacekeeping operation in compliance with standards of the leading countries.

During a diving exercise, participants from the diving component conducted search, inspection and disposal of underwater explosive devices exercise. For the first time within the Sea Breeze framework that they used the newest deep water equipment to find and identify items of interest: underwater controlled robots, non-magnetic diving gear, side view locators, mobile recompression chamber etc. “In total, about four thousand troops from 16 countries participate in multinational “Sea Breeze” exercise,” added Lt. Col. Chernobai.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the practical phase of full-scale command and staff training exercise “South Wind-2016”. Military operation bodies of strategic and operational levels as well as military units and subdivisions from all components of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were involved. “Command and coordination of military operation bodies, task groups, and forces during strategic operation in defined operational zones and regions were practiced,” explained the spokesman. Tactical exercise of battalions and divisions with field firing, landing operation of airborne troops, transfer to large distance using combined method including river crossing, flight tactical tasks, defeating air assault etc. “Special attention is paid to territorial defense as well as process of planning and managing resources under martial law,” added Lt. Col. Chernobai.

Tactical air support units, antiaircraft missile troops, radiotechnical troops and Special Forces of Ukrainian Air Forces are practicing adequate response to air threat in all possible sectors. Operational aircraft crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are providing air support for other detachments’ efforts. Combat detachments of anti-aircraft missile and radiotechnical troops are carrying out an action plan on covering important state objects from the air and other essential combat tasks.