Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Militants launch 114 artillery missiles at ATO troops’ positions near Shyrokyne  



Active hostilities continue in all the sectors in the ATO zone, where militants are using heavy armor. There are plans to use Russian electronic warfare systems against Ukrainian troops. More equipment and manpower arrives from Russia to strengthen militant forces.

Kyiv, August 9, 2016. Militants’ attacks in the ATO zone continue in all the sectors. 16 attacks took place in the Mariupol sector, nine involved use of heavy armor. “Shyrokine was the epicenter of combat yesterday where the adversary delivered unprecedentedly intense attacks from heavy armor during the day. For instance, occupants launched 114 artillery missiles at our positions between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. Moreover, the enemy shelled 100 mortar shells during two mortar attacks before the sunrise and after the sunset, said the spokesman of Presidential Administration on ATO-related issues Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk. Militants used mortar launchers in three other areas – Krasnohorivka, Hnutove and Vodiane. “There are no calm areas left along the demarcation line. One Ukrainian serviceman died in combat yesterday and five were injured. Ukrainian troops incurred these losses in the Mariupol sector,” said the spokesman.


Hostilities lasted in the Luhansk sector from 6:00 p.m. till midnight yesterday, and the armistice held for the rest of the day. Militants violated the ceasefire in Novotoshkivske, Zolote and near Popasna. Russia-backed militants delivered a series of brief mortar attacks. “In total, 11 hostile attacks took place in the Luhansk sector yesterday, four of them involved use of heavy armor,” added Col. Motuzyanyk. Militants organized two flights of unmanned aerial vehicles in this area and another one in Mariupol sector. “Orlan-10” model was used.

Militants shelled Ukrainian positions mostly during the hours of darkness in the Donetsk sector. Traditional flashpoints are the Svitlodarsk bulge, Horlivka agglomerate, Avdiivka industrial area and Opytne. “Militants repeatedly used heavy armor during the day: mortar launchers and cannons. In total, 16 hostile attacks took place in the past 24 hours in the Donetsk sector, namely, one artillery shelling (Luhanske) and six mortar attacks (along the entire frontline) informed the spokesman.

The military intelligence informs that nine militants were wounded in the last 24 hours. “One militant served in so-called “6th brigade”, another one was from so-called “7th brigade”, four from so-called “100th brigade” and three more from unidentified subdivision of Russian occupational forces fighting in the Luhansk sector,” explained Col. Motuzyanyk. According to the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, central district hospital in Yasynuvata was turned into military hospital due to considerable losses in the militants’ ranks. Doctors from Kalinin regional clinical hospital in Donetsk were made to register with so-called “military commissariats” subordinate to the self-proclaimed Russia-backed militant formation “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”).

Russian proxies are planning to move electronic warfare systems R-330 “Zhytel” and “Leer-3” from Donetsk towards the frontline. “This is the newest Russia military equipment intended to affect operation of communications systems, location systems and data exchange with command,” explained the spokesman.

Another batch of reinforcement came for militants from Russia. Four railroad cars with tank spare parts and seven fuel tanks with combustible and lubrication materials were delivered to Donetsk. Four railroad cars and six fuel tanks carrying combustible and lubrication materials arrived at Kuteinikove. Five tanks, three unmanned personnel carriers, two 152-mm self-propelled artillery mounts, five Ural trucks and two wagons with manpower were brought to Ilovaisk.